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Intercultural understanding and misunderstanding – it is the most fascinating subject in the world. As a dutch scholar and student I spent several years in Japan. Then, I worked as a change manager and consultant in a management development organisation and I began to understand that any one group (culture) of people works differently from any other. As of 2009, I live and work in Berlin.

I believe it is extremely valuable, to always anew start and persist in a continuous dialogue about how we want to work together as individuals from different backgrounds. It is in this field that I am of most value to my customers. Fluent language skills in Dutch, Japanese, English and German top off my effective and sustainable mediation.


10807160_10205502128259756_1641313650_n (3)Gestunary – the first global dictionary for hand signs

Momentarily I am working on Gestunary, a smartphone app on gesticulation and their different meanings in different cultures. Please visit www.gestunary.com for more information. Here you can also find a link to order a free-of-charge download of Gestunary, the first digital dictionary for gestures and hand signs. Available as of late december 2015.

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GieskanneAudiomaster – a slightly different call center training 

Christine and I developed audiomaster to help companies to improve their customer service from inside out. Participants learn to reflect their own communicational patterns. Together with others they discuss their options for action and learn from one another. If you want to see happier customers and employees our offer might be of interest to you.

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Foto Tasche_quadratischInterkulturelligenz

Other than that I provide workshops Interkulturelligenz. With this smart seminar, you will make sure that your team is fit to work with culture and to excell because of it. Whatever your business challenge is, in our today’s world intercultural competence is one of the main challenges that you will face. Get yourself some coaching, and soon you will be interculturelligent.

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Gestunary, das universelle Wörterbuch für Gestik (Version 2.0)